Aluminium Additive Manufacturing

Sustainable Aluminium additive Manufacturing fOr high performance Applications

SAMOA aims to upscale the process chain of raw aluminium alloys from material efficient powder production, energy efficient laser and arc wire additive manufacturing to material recycling in order to reduce material need of up to 50%. New high strength aluminium alloys with reduced Si content, increased material strength and processable will be developed. The performance and sustainability will be shown in a demonstrative processing chain.

The SAMOA project started in April 2019 and will continue for three years.

The SAMOA partners are:

Luleå University of Technology

Politecnico di Milano

Fraunhofer IWS

IMR metal powder technologies


Centro Ricerche FIAT

Siemens AG

LTU Business AB


05/2021 SAMOA together with SPAcEMAN organized the seminar MAMAS on May 26th. More than 80 participants were registered and discussed the newest results of the projects. The recorded videos can be found here:

10/2020 Seminar about SAMOA and SPAcEMAN results

Results and findings from the EIT RawMaterials projects SAMOA and SPAcEMAN were presented in the AM-Seminar organized by LTU. High interest of more than 30 participants from several European countries was seen. Thank you all for your contributions.

10/2020 Project meeting online

The full consortium project meeting took place online again due to the travel restrictions. However, the partners were well motivated and significant progress was made. High Zr-contents were able to avoid cracking in LPBF. The designs for the final demonstrator parts were discussed and first demonstrator structures were already built.

04/2020 Project meeting online

Unfortunately, we could not meet in person as planned at our partner IMR in Austria this time. However, an efficient online meeting was possible, where all partners could share their recent findings and discuss.

03/2020 Powder development

The consortium finished the calculations and development of a new aluminium powder alloy that promises reduced crack susceptibility at high strength. Powder production will soon start at IMR.

01/2020 Wire-Arc-Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)

Siemens installed a new industrial setup for WAAM in Munich, Germany. Along, a digital twin for path planning was developed. First tests of building demonstrator parts are in progress.

11/2019 Project meeting in Milano

The very constructive project meeting was conducted at Politecnico di Milano. Actual results were shared and the next steps were defined.

08/2019 Powder produced

The first milestone was reached. IMR produced the powder that will be used for the Additive Manufacturing at PoliMi (powder-bed), IWS (blown-powder) and Siemens (filled wires).

04/2019 Kick-off meeting

Representatives from all SAMOA partners met in Luleå to get to know each other and to discuss the project tasks and timeline. Fruitful discussions initiated a smooth and motivated start into the project.

Work packages

SAMOA aims to upscale Additive Processes and recycling methods to make aluminium powders and Additive Processing technologies including powder recycling available for the market. The objective of the SAMOA project is to upscale

  1. the use of aluminium alloys and the development of diverse aluminium alloys for AM processes (IMR),
  2. the powder-based aluminium AM processes including powder‑recycling methods (PoliMi, IWS, CRF),
  3. the arc-wire AM processes (Siemens) and
  4. direct recycling methods of “waste” material (LTU) from research to market.


Online workshop on AM

The workshop/seminar on Additive Manufacturing with a special focus on the EIT RawMaterials projects SAMOA and SPAcEMAN took place October 27th-28th 2020.


The workshop “Arctic Platform for Additive Manufacturing” took place in Luleå October 24th-25th 2019 with the guest lecturer Prof. Frank Brückner (IWS, partner in the SAMOA project)

Presentation in Torino

Elena Lopez (IWS) and Tobias Kamps (Siemens) presented the SAMOA project on the Expert Forum Mobility in Torino, IT.


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